Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix

We use Fertilome soil. Formulated for optimum growth in the midwest. Avalaible in 4 sizes.
Wholly Cow Manure
FoxFarm Coco Loco
Baccto Peat Moss
Garden Magic Topsoil
Ladybug Mushroom Compost
An odor-free blend of natural animal manure and composted peat, Wholly Cow™ provides a high nutrient content, making it ideal for a wide range of plantings. Natural water holding capacity allows reduced watering.
Baccto peat moss is an excellent soil admendment because of its capacity to retain water, aerate the soil and it's completely natural. Sphagnum peat is the answer to both compact and loose soil conditions. All soils can benefit from the addition of peat moss. It is also used in compost bins to enhance decomposition and reduce odor.
It adds body to light and sandy soil
It aerates heavy and clay soil.
It protects the soil from drying out and hardening.
It reduces the possibility of erosion
It facilitates hoeing.
It reduces the loss of fertilizer by leaching.
It saves water.
Garden Magic Top Soil is a blend of dark reed sedge peat and sand used as a top dressing for lawns and gardens. Ready to use out of the bag, this blend loosens heavy soils and enhances the moisture retention overall. 

Mushroom Compost is ideal for top-dressing established perennials and flower beds as well as trees and shrubs. We take the mushroom growing substrate directly from the growers straight to our composting facility where we run it through the entire composting process, ensuring the highest quality. Our Mushroom Compost adds a wide array of beneficial microbes back into the soil, helping to create healthy, beautiful plants.
Back to Nature Cotton Burr Compost is great for amending soil in beds, lawns, or a little bit of lite mulching. It breaks up the clay and adds nutrients back to the soil for optimum growing conditions.
Back to Nature Cotton Burr Compost
Dyna Green Fertilizer
Most Dyna Green/ Hummert Lawn care products including the 5 step Lawn program.
Dyna Green raised bed mix is another great addition to the square foot gardens or potting material
Hummert's Dyna Mix Raised Bed Mix
Bagged Grass Seed
From Five Star Fescue  to Dyna Green triple clean grass seed  blends, we have the varieties you need.